April’s Brew

This post will go up immediately after April’s event!!!!

In it there should be questions like: what did you think of the speaker? People could then leave replies below the line.

  • Jeffery Sugarman

    Wasn’t this a fantastically interesting and convivial evening? Thought the music provided wonderfully reflective interludes around S Dunant’s compelling and insightful comments on historical fiction, a prism through which we might see more clearly our own times! And much more. The Hemingford Arms Pub is a brill location. Bravi to all… Thanks!

  • http://www.lolaperrin.com/ Lola Perrin

    Congratulations to John and Rebecca for creating such an artistic and friendly way to share ideas and thoughts; it was a fabulous evening!

  • http://www.the-cauldron.org/ The Cauldron

    Thought you might like to see the new translations of two Petrarch sonnets to Laura that Ayanna set to music for the first Cauldron:

    Amor, che nel penser mio vive et regna
    Love,that lives and rules in my thoughts
    And makes my heart into his throneplace
    Sometimes, fully armed, strides into my face
    And camps there, flying the mark of his court.
    Yet she who taught me to love and feel pain
    And so wishes that reason and shame
    Should dampen hopeful lust’s flame
    Takes offence at our ardour again.

    And so timid Love flees to the heart
    To collapse there weeping and shaken;
    He bows his frail head and stays hidden, apart.
    What can I do but take my lord’s part
    And stand by him until he is taken?
    There’s no better end: to love well and depart.

    Pace non trovo, e non ho da far Guerra
    There is no peace for me, yet I cannot make war;
    I fear, but I hope; I burn, yet I’m cold;
    I soar to the skies, and plunge to Earth’s floor;
    I’m clutching at nothing, then embrace the world whole.
    I’m trapped in a prison, with no bars nor way loose;
    My jailor can’t keep me, nor unbind my ties,
    And Love will not hang me, nor let go my noose;
    It bars me from living, yet won’t let me die.

    I see without eyes; I cry with no voice;
    I long so to perish, yet pray for some aid;
    I hate myself keenly, yet love someone too;
    I’m nourished by sadness, weeping rejoice;
    Of both death and life, I’m just as afraid.
    To this state I’ve succumbed, my lady, for you.

  • http://www.the-cauldron.org/ The Cauldron

    Ayanna Witter-Johnson gave some wonderful musical settings of Petrarch sonnets

  • http://www.the-cauldron.org/ The Cauldron

    A beautiful set of theorbo pieces from Matt Wadsworth